clown show

created 2022 - "Winner Show of Mirabilia Awards 2023"
Two clowns wearing a red vest, looking at each other in front of 3 white doors.

2 doors. No walls, no divisions. Doors that open to the future and to the past, or maybe just to the present. Great questions: how does one carry a door? What's behind a closed door? A performance that faces all these matters, among lost keys, magic handles, and absurd rules that will obstruct two clowns during a simple, but not granted, door installation.

DURATION: 50 minutes

  • Clown
  • Objects handling

AUDIENCE: for everyone above 5 years old

A clown holds another clown that has just found a key.


A clown hanging on a door held by another clown.

The show received the following mention at the 'Premio Nazionale di Teatro per ragazzi “Emanuele Luzzati” - 3^ ed. 2024':

"A kind of theatre of the absurd where the protagonists are objects, doors of all sizes that interact with the two actors and sometimes with the audience. All played with Buster Keaton-esque impassivity, and with a subtle humour that never loses sight of the show's rhythm, which is pressing and precise."