clown show

created 2021 - Mittelfest production
Two clowns lighting up a flame from a camping gas tank.

In a summer day like any other in a little campsite, two strange people wander around. A tank and a burner, two cases and a tarp, all you need to turn the day of the other campers upside-down with absurd and comical actions. Between the floor's slope, the forgotten objects, the strange constructions, and the experiments with the Gas, will the two clowns be able to make a warm cup of tea without causing an explosion?

DURATION: 50 minutes


  • Clown
  • Acrobatics
  • Objects handling

AUDIENCE: for everyone above 5 years old

Two acrobats handstanding one on top of the other's hands.


Two clowns passing underneath an unstable construction made with the pieces of a camping burner.