Out of Time

clown and circus show

created 2018
Two people with blue pants and colored socks walk with a broken Christmas tree.

Holidays are coming and everyone is running around. Except for two. Sitting in a square, they plan with all calm the hit of the year: the decoration of the most absurd Christmas tree. Among acrobatic dynamics, unstable balances, and flying objects, two clowns will entrust the success of their venture to the audience. Will it be a happy holiday?

DURATION: 50 minutes


  • Clown
  • Juggling
  • Acrobatics
  • Acrobatic bicycle

AUDIENCE: for everyone above 3 years old

Two clowns smile at their reflection on a Christmas tree ball.


A clown holds another one upside down by his waist.

The show is also available in its itinerant version "Pills of Out of Time"